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Grateful Dead's Greatest Year: 1974

A fundamental part of being a music lover is loving talking about it. And whenever we start talking about it, a debate is always just a heartbeat away. Debating is intrinsic to music loving because it allows us understand to ourselves why we love what we love by forcing us to verbalize. For the inaugural post for this music blog, I wanted to touch upon one of my favourite debates them all: which is the Grateful Dead's best year? The criteria is focusing solely on the live shows, the studio albums are not really taken into consideration. A pillar of Deadheadness is debate over favourite year. Once an incipient Deadhead gets his bearings, it quickly becomes apparent that the Grateful Dead's peak period occurred between 1968-1974. Pick just about any show from the 533 (an astounding number and worth digging into in a future post) they played during this seven year stretch and it'll be a winner, most likely a classic. So it's only right that each Deadhead has his favou